About us

Biathfan is a biathlon fan club organized by biathlon fans for biathlon fans.

We are not fans of any particular athlete or team – we are ardent supporters of the sport itself and the whole biathlon family.

Biathfan is a registered association in the Norwegian register of organizations.

Behind Biathfan you will find true biathlon fans:
Jessica Bollnert comes from Sweden, more precisely, the Swedish biathlon capital Östersund. Her father worked there as a press photographer and has documented the World Cups and World Championships for years. He was also the photographer of the Swedish national biathlon team. Thus, the Biathlon Stadium in Östersund was always “home” for Jessica, even in her years in Germany and Norway.

Her husband Stefan Marx is German. Biathlon as a sport, has always fascinated him, like so many Germans, even if first of all on television. When he moved to Norway in 1997, his passion for winter sports was put into practice.

Today the two live outside of Oslo. Their 10 year old daughter is an active and enthusiastic biathlete and Jessica and Stefan are active in the local biathlon club “Nittedal Skiskytterlag”. Both are also regularly working in World Cup races and World Championships.

The love of the sport and the internationality of the two have led to the idea to create a platform for Biathlon fans from all over the world with Biathfan.

Do you share our passion?